Killer Resume Virus: Melissa Variant W97M_Resume.A
What is it and How Do I Protect Myself from It?

What is the Killer Resume Virus?
Attack of the Killer Resume sounds more like a bad 'B' movie than a virus that could destroy your computer, but it does have the ability to do just that if you're not careful. The "Killer Resume" virus is similar to the Melissa macro virus that spread across the world in 1999.

Released on May 26th, 2000, a Word macro virus spreading via email using Microsoft Outlook was released. Once triggered, the virus deletes files and sends itself out via email to all address listed in the address book using Microsoft Outlook. The email has the subject line "Resume - Janet Simons" and the attachment called "Explorer.doc", which contains the macro virus. The attachment could also be name resume.doc or many other names.

When the user closes the infected file, the virus attempts to delete files in the following directories:

C:\*.* (deletes all files in root directory)
C:\My Documents\*.* (deletes all files in My Documents directory)
C:\WINDOWS\*.* (deletes all files in the Windows directory -- leaving the computer unusable)
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\*.* (deletes all files in the Windows System directory -- leaving the computer unusable)
C:\WINNT\*.* (similar to the Windows lines, this line targets Windows NT files)
C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\*.* (again, targeting all files in the WindowsNT System32 directory)

It also continues to attempt to delete all files in the root directory of drive A, B, D....up to drive Z.

How Can I Protect Myself?

Since its a Microsoft Word Macro Virus, the answer is simply. First, don't open any attachments that you don't have to, and secondly follow the instructions below to Enable Macro Virus Protection in Word which will warn you if a document contains macros. Macros are small programs designed to improve the speed and efficiency of a document by combining multiple tasks into one and running them all at once, however they pose a grave risk in security. Don't run macros.

To Enable Macro Virus Protection in MS Word

1) In Microsoft Word, Click on Tools
2) Click on Options
3) Click on General
4) Check the box labeled Macro Virus Protection

Also update your virus signatures in your anti-virus software, check EVERY attachment with anti-virus software before opening, and read more about viruses and how to protect yourself in the



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