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Protecting yourself and your computer from viruses has become a necessity in the last few years. Viruses have become more prevalent and more destructive as well. This information is intended to help you understand a little bit more about computer viruses, how they attack, and how to protect your computer from them.

You'll find information on removing a number of viruses below, there is also information on some freeware antivirus software and other information to help you recover from a computer virus attack.

Virus News and Updates

What are Computer Viruses?

How to Protect Yourself Against Viruses

Virus News and Updates


Welchia or MSBLAST.D worm removal

How to Manually Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool  

Grum - email from removal 

MyDoom/Novarg.A/MiMail.R worm removal

MyDoom.B virus removal

Dumaru.Y and Dumaru.Z Virus Removal

MiMail.C worm Removal (updated with other variants)

SoBig.F Virus removal

Dumaru Virus Removal

JDBGMGR.EXE Hoax and how to recover file

MiMail.A worm Removal

BugBear.B worm removal

Backdoor SDBot.H Trojan Removal

Klez Virus Detection and Removal

SirCam Virus Detection and Removal

W95.MTX Virus Detection and Removal

Hybris Trojan - Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs email
Detection and Removal

BadTrans Trojan Virus Removal

Magistr Virus Information

Shockwave Trojan (creative.exe) Detection and Removal

Navidad Virus Detection and Removal

Bymer Trojan (wininit.exe) virus removal

VBS.Loveletter and NewLove Information

QAZ Trojan - Notepad.exe replacement Trojan

Detection and Removal of KAKWorm - Kagou-Anti-Krosoft error
updated with new Automatic Removal Program

VBS.Stages - Life_Stages scrap object
Worm Detection and Removal

with automatic removal program from Symantec

Brown Orifice - Netscape Java Security Hole

SMASH Virus Alert and Information

Sillyworm.vbs - Detection and Removal

Winkiller.A Trojan - X1.exe Information

Killer Resume Macro Virus Information

Happy99.exe virus/worm Detection and Removal
Download the automatic removal program

Pretty Park worm Detection and Removal

Detection and Removal of Back Orifice - Boserve.exe
Also a Warning about - virus

What are
Computer Viruses?

What are Computer Viruses

Is it a Virus or a Hoax?

Spam - The new Virus

How to Protect Yourself Against Viruses

Follow these simple steps to keep yourself and your computer virus free.

Purchase and/or Download an Anti-Virus program to spot viruses
Anti-virus software is a must for any computer connected to the Internet or otherwise. Viruses travel by many means and the first thing you should do is install software to catch the viruses.
Click here to learn more.

or Download a Free Antivirus program

Update your current Anti-Virus software
Protection against viruses is only as good as your last update. 
Click here to learn how to update your anti-virus software

Uninstall Antivirus Programs

Uninstall McAfee Antivirus 

Uninstall Norton Antivirus  

Uninstall Avast 

Uninstall AVG 

Uninstall AntiVir

Uninstall Panda

Scan for Viruses regularly
Its a good idea to scan your system on a regular basis to avoid infection. Most anti-virus software scans files as you open them, but its a good idea to run a full scan of your system on a weekly basis.

If you do not have an antivirus software product installed on your computer, try using one of the various online virus scanners to scan your system and remove any problems.

Watch out for  Email Attachments
Viruses attached to email are currently the most common and widespread computer viruses. Although some viruses can attack just by opening email (like the KAK Worm), most won't activate until you open the attachment.
Click here to learn more about Email Attachments and Viruses

How to Disable System Restore in Windows ME or Windows XP
Many times viruses cannot be removed properly in Windows ME or XP without first disabling the System Restore features.
Click here to learn how to disable or reenable the System Restore features

Use a Firewall to Protect Your Computer from Intruders

The best defense against someone invading your computer is a personal firewall.
Click here to learn more about Firewalls and Computer Security


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Tools for Removing Spyware, Adware, and Malware

Other Pages

Spyware/Adware Removal Help

MSBlast.exe Worm Removal

Welchia (Dllhost.exe and SVCHost.exe) Worm Removal

Uninstall McAfee Instructions

Uninstall Norton Instructions

Uninstall Avast Instructions

Uninstall AVG Instructions

Uninstall Antivir Instructions

Uninstall Panda Instructions

How to Manually Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Bloodhound.Exploit.6 Virus Removal

MyDoom Virus Removal

MiMail.C Virus Removal

Swen Worm Virus Removal

SoBig.F Worm Removal

Dumaru Virus Removal

BugBear.B Worm Removal

SoBig.E Worm Removal

Pop Up Ad Removal Info

KAK Worm Removal

MiMail.A Worm Removal

W95.MTX Virus Removal

Snow White Virus Removal

BadTrans Trojan Removal

Wininit Virus (Bymer Trojan)

Happy99 Worm Removal

VBS Netlog Worm Removal

Pretty Park Worm Removal

Sasser Worm Virus Removal

Backdoor SDBot.H Trojan Removal

VBS.Loveletter Help

Computer Security Information

Back Orifice Information

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Buy Anti-Virus Software

If you don't already have antivirus software loaded on your computer. You should download and install an antivirus product immediately. The popular commercial antivirus products like McAfee and Norton are ok, but there are also excellent free antivirus solutions available. Listed below are some of the popular free and commercial antivirus software products.

Learn more information about
Viruses at the PC HELL Virus Center

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