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Here is a list of other useful sites that I have found on the Internet, most are all computer related and are helpful resources for things I may not have covered on this site.
A good site for router information, port forwarding and firewalling info.
ActionFront Emergency Data Recovery Services
Lots of good info on data recovery for hard drives and prevention of data loss. Number one in data recovery customer satisfaction. We recover data from ISO Certified recovery labs in Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Santa Clara California, Atlanta Georgia and Toronto Canada
Unstoppable Joy
A good friend of mine just wrote a book on how to bring more joy into your life. Everyone needs a little joy in their day!

Gastric Bypass Issues
My wife had gastric bypass in 2004. We started this website to tell about weight loss problems with gastric bypass.

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Tools for Removing Spyware, Adware, and Malware

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Spyware/Adware Removal Help

MSBlast.exe Worm Removal

Welchia (Dllhost.exe and SVCHost.exe) Worm Removal

Uninstall McAfee Instructions

Uninstall Norton Instructions

Uninstall Avast Instructions

Uninstall AVG Instructions

Uninstall Antivir Instructions

Uninstall Panda Instructions

How to Manually Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Bloodhound.Exploit.6 Virus Removal

MyDoom Virus Removal

MiMail.C Virus Removal

Swen Worm Virus Removal

SoBig.F Worm Removal

Dumaru Virus Removal

BugBear.B Worm Removal

SoBig.E Worm Removal

Pop Up Ad Removal Info

KAK Worm Removal

MiMail.A Worm Removal

W95.MTX Virus Removal

Snow White Virus Removal

BadTrans Trojan Removal

Wininit Virus (Bymer Trojan)

Happy99 Worm Removal

VBS Netlog Worm Removal

Pretty Park Worm Removal

Sasser Worm Virus Removal

Backdoor SDBot.H Trojan Removal

VBS.Loveletter Help

Computer Security Information

Back Orifice Information

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